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mobillogo Showroom available on Color Wap Mobile Phones at the url:
You can save photo/mobilelogo
Select Type:

To view cars in show room:
Please select type and click the button "Show cars in showroom"

To Create Your car in the showroom :
If You have a car, that You are proud of, and want to share it with other enthusiast with the same interest.
Then you can You can upload a photo of Your car and write You comment / history /restauration facts etc. of the car.
NB: If You have taken the photo of an interesting car, which You do not own, It is OK, but then You have to have taken the picture by Your self, concerning CopyRight

To Create Your car in the showroom by mail:
Send a mail with Your text, photo, name and mailaddressto: and I will upload within a day or two.

To Create Your car in the showroom with online Update:
but read this text, before You create a new car in the showroom:

It will take 4 step to create a car in the showroom:
Step 1: Type Make/model, Your comments and name.
Step 2: Saves Your text
Step 3: You browse after Your digital picture on Your Own PC.
         jpg and jpeg is allowed, max size = 2500 Mb
Step 4: uploads Your picture and connect it with Your text
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