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Range Rover history, Conversions, Wood and Picket

1988 Wood and Picket Range Rover Conversion
Janspeed Turbo

Photo shown with permission of and thanks to Cameron, UK

Photo  Cameron, UK

A very rare Range rover Wood and Pickett Jan Speed Turbo conversion.

Only seven very made and this is the only one i UK

Photo  Steve, UK

This Range Rover was Built by Wood and picket together with six others for export to Saudi Arabia as special order by a Sausi Seik


Photo  Cameron, UK

They did cost aprox 80,000 UK pound each and had enomous specification.

This vehicle was not finished in time and missed the boat.

Photo  Cameron, UK

Then the order was reduced to six vehicles.

When this vehicle was finished, it was puchased by a wealthy businessman in the UK.

Photo  Cameron, UK

A wood ann Picket badge is placed on each side behind the last sidewindow
on the white top.


Photo  Cameron, UK

The vehicle was equipped with:
Air Conditioning,
Alloy Wheels,
CD Player,
Power Locks,
Power Windows,
Leather Seats,
Power-assisted Steering,

Photo  Cameron, UK

An extra rearseat was placed in the back, which gave acomodationfor seven persons.

Photo  Cameron, UK

All interior was special made.

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