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1978 Princes Diana and Prince Charles

Photos Shown with permission issued the 05. july 2005 
The vehicle was on ebay in  july 2005

This is the 1978 Rover Range Rover which Prince Charles was driving when he marryed Princess Diana in 1981..

A part of the gonnymoon was at Balmoral, where the YYR776T was used..

It was probably the best known vehicle in 

London in the early 1980's

The vehicle has the Tudor (not Windsor) Webasto “Huntsman” roof is fully open

It was delivered to Buckingham Palace in december 1978

The exterior paintwork is in Lincoln-Green

3.5 liter V8 with engine number 34122567F
it’s believed to be a prototype. Experts on the engine are baffled, since it actually shouldn’t exist. This engine type (the 341 F type) didn’t begin production until 15000 units on from this number, hence the conclusion that this engine is preproduction and specially commissioned for HRH. The engine type, with pulsair air injection, went onto be used in Switzerland that has stricter environmental legislation. HRH was renowned for his Environmental concerns at the time. The engine type was never made available to UK spec vehicles..

This westminster edition is with black exterior.

In line with the environmentally conscious build, the dash instrumentation includes a Smiths economy gauge (not seen on production models). All the other Smiths gauges (the 4 circular “Smiths” dials in the centre facia)

The interior consists of gold coloured carpets, gold/beige mats, and gold/beige leather cloth covered plastic trim.

The seats have orangey fabric inserts and part gold/beige leather cloth down the backs and sides. Some extra map pockets were tailored for the doors, again not seen on standard production models. Similar map pockets though were seen a few years later on production Range Rovers, but these were placed onto the back of the front seats.

Lady Diana together with the YYR776T

here  in september 1980

Being the Flag ship of the Land Rover range in the 1970’s it has the option pack which includes power steering, head restraints, inertia-reel seat belts and reinforced glass.

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